How Many Catholic Pedophile Monks Are Serving Penal advanced Time?

How Many Catholic Pedophile Monks Are Serving Penal advanced Time?

The facts are the RCC became based by pedophile bishops who seem in a painting of the Council of Nicaea with each and each and every body accompanied by his 'boy' sexual partner. This is a connected Council where Constantine established the faith in step with a massive lie.

The bible condemns religions in original and the Catholic Church in particular. This is a quote from the prophecy: “For God hath keep of their hearts to meet its will, and to agree, and toave their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God must be fulfilled. And the girl which thous sawest is that huge metropolis (Tome) which reigneth over the kings of the earth. ” Revelation 17: 17,18

The Beast is the 2nd one and his number is 666, and that is Constantine who established the Catholic Church and the metropolis of Rome suggestions over the kings of the then identified earth. As to the girl, it is Mary, the Babylonian identify for the sun, that became stylized into a lady and which the emperor keep into the faith because the Mother of God.


This is the entirely passage that is written in capital letters in the bible attributable to the importance of it. Mary is the muse of 'marry' and better halves Mary Mary at their ordination and nuns are all provided that title of their names so practices can own sex with them. The reports popping out about the sex crimes in the Church, the murder of babies, and even nuns, is surprising and a take-sign call.

George Pell is as grand a victim of the faith he serves because the children he molested. All americans in faith is below the capability of 666 and the Roman Empire that has lived attributable to the group. Jerome wrote the Contemporary Testomony in step with Constantine's invention of Jesus Christ. He took the identify of the Spirit 'Jesus' andave it to the portray. Now it is he who sits in church buildings because the Son f God on myth of he made the portray and compelled all americans to prefer it. Revelation thirteen: 12-18.

God did now not open up Christian nevertheless Constantine did. He constructed the Vatican which moreover started the Muslim Branch of itself by Augustine, Bishop of Hippo. Every faith has its foundation in sun like and the rituals and symbols of Babylon are depicted in the costumes, ceremonies, gala’s, and authorized guidelines of each and each of them.

On Catholic robes are the blazing sun enormous identify and its devices elevate the same image. The evidence is all over that proving that the claims made herein are correct. As practices are tried for pedophilia now not many are basically serving time because the Church works to house them free.

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